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Juvenile Boot Camps and Behavior Modification

Boot Camps

Boot camps and wilderness programs are short term programs that are designed mainly to focus on high intensity drills, hiking, etc. listed below is generally what boot camps provide:
  • Natural Environment/Wilderness Survival
  • Behavior Modification
  • High Intensity Drills and Hikes
  • Limited Academics
Boot Camps are designed to help teens with changing behavior and attitudes through discipline type of routines. If you are not sure what your teen needs, feel free to take our questionnaire. This questionnaire will help give you an assessment if your teen needs short term solution or a longer term solution that last generally 90 days to two years.

Behavior Modification Programs

Behavior modification programs are design to helping the teen with a long term change. Behavior modification programs do more than offer the discipline and structure which troubled teens need. They also provide an internal structure to change. Behavior modification programs generally provide:
  • Aggressive academic schedule
  • Seminars for the child and parents
  • Emotional Growth Courses
  • Personal Growth Courses
  • Highly Structured Program
  • Merit Based System
  • Student Leadership Programs
  • 24/7 Supervision and Care
Behavior Modification Programs can help teens who have excellent potential but are typically determined to "do their own thing" regardless of who it hurts or how it might alter their future.

Parents often realize that something must be done to change their teen's present course. Behavior modification in a controlled environment is essential, for without it the parents' attempts to intervene are lost to a negative peer group. Boot Camps can offers just such an appropriate short term option generally ranging from 15-30 days.