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In addition to intense behavior modification, Behavior modification programs provide ongoing emotional growth and personal development courses further assisting the teen in their development. These courses effectively utilize resources such as professional audio and video tapes, selective reading material, and group feedback sessions. In addition to the time spent each day on attitude and behavior modification, the teens spend a full academic day (Monday through Friday) working on academic subjects through an individual study course with U.S. accreditation.

Behavior modification programs that we recommend have an extremely progressive academic program. Students can complete school work on an accelerated basis. The curriculum is individualized and competency based, allowing students to work at their own pace and maximize the learning process. Students are not held back by other teens in the class, lesson plans, teachers' schedules, course offering or class availability.

We recommend Behavior modification programs that are well known for their strong family emphasis, respect for authority, and genuine care for others. This is carried over into the program and teens are able to see things from a new perspective.

Behavior modification programs are able to help teens that need change. With a highly structured environment, Behavior modification helping troubled teenswith intense behavior modification aspects and emotional growth and personal development courses and highly progressive academic curriculum behavior modification programs are able to get at the core of the problems. The programs that we recommend are available in both short term and long term options. These programs are designed to help with early intervention and with long term problems, effectively deterring old behavior's and choices and helping the teens see new appropriate choices and behaviors that will give them winning results.

"The most effective programs typically involve intensive training or behavior modification techniques aimed at reducing risk factors for juvenile justice involvement. For example, programs which focus on improving interpersonal skills, self-control, anger management, and substance abuse resistance have been found to reduce recidivism."
National Mental Health Association
Secure environment where teens have 24/7 supervision. Highly structured programs that are very well balanced in helping teens with a wide spectrum of areas to help them attain success. Balanced areas includes: Academics, Behavior Modification, Emotional Growth, Personal Growth Courses, Student and Family Seminars, Merit Based System.
Very cost effective with programs ranging about $80 per a day. The programs that we recommend have an excellent track record with struggling teens. Programs and Schools that we have recommended have helped thousands of teens and families.

Limited short term ranges with programs offering the shortest term as 90 days.