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Juvenile boot camps started up in 1983 as an avenue for the juvenile justice system. States would choose juvenile boot camps because of it's intense in your face type of discipline. Within the same time the private industry was marketing juvenile boot camps for troubled teens who needed a boot camp to get them back in line. The advantage for the state and private boot camps is time and money. They could charge half of what a regular treatment facility charges and send the teen through a program lasting from 1-8 weeks.

Juvenile boot camp generally are in a rugged natural type of environment, where the students will sleep in tents. This natural environment can be somewhat therapeutic for the teens to be able to get away from outside peers and influences that have adversely affected the teens life. These natural environments can be very unsecured putting the teens at risk with natural obstacles such as extreme weather conditions and extreme terrain that can be dangerous or life threatening to the teen.

Juvenile boot camps generally consist of three styles-
  • Military Style- These are intended to be modeled after an army basic training. The key to this type of style is vigorous exersize consisting of running, push ups etc. If the teen steps out of line, they would have a drill sergeant use an in your face type of approach. The environment will consist of a natural rugged environment.

  • Wilderness Programs- where the program is also in a natural rugged environment. These generally consist of challenging hikes or on some type of wagon type trail and have been called "Survival Programs". The in your face type of approach is more mild, these type of programs can contain some type of clinical therapy along with the teens trek. These in some ways are more extreme then military type boot camps with their approach on food with lentils and rice. However most wilderness programs seem to be a combination of military type boot camp and wilderness program.

  • Educational Style- This type of style is rarely seen, where there is a boot camp environment and most of the emphasis is towards education and academics. These will consist of a discipline type style, with the hiking or drills. However these will consist of at least four plus hours of academics, in which most military styles and wilderness programs generally do not exceed.

The generally purpose of most juvenile boot camps and wilderness programs is to break down the enlistee's and then try to build them back up. This is the reason that most of them either contain some type of extensive hiking or in your face type of approach. The problem that juvenile boot camps and wilderness programs run into is time. Most of them lasting 2-8 weeks, they become real ineffective in any type of long term change. The teens will adjust some minor problems and attitudes, however most of the long term problems simply take time to fix and overcome with a highly structured positive reinforcement routine.

Some parents would see the benefits of enrollment in a juvenile boot camps and wilderness programs as short term and less money. It is understandable the incredible emotional strain that a parent goes through on choosing a program to help their struggling child. With that in mind parents need to make smart decisions on the program in which they place their child. Ultimately time and money is probably the biggest factor with helping their child. With choosing a boot camp or wilderness program because of time and money can be an error which could influence the effectiveness of their child getting help. For example most boot camps and wilderness programs last from 2-6 weeks. With the focus mainly on high intensity either on discipline or strenuous activities, the teens miss out on vital area's of growth for success. These area's would include, academics, emotional growth, personal and character development, behavior modification, positive reinforcement and physical activities. The programs and schools we recommend are cost effective to the most boot camps and wilderness programs with programs ranging from 2-6 weeks, while our programs have a short term solution for 90 days. Juvenile boot camps and wilderness programs are rather expensive for what you pay for, with a lack of a well rounded schedule and aspects with them being costly per a day most averaging from $200-$400 a day. By not choosing the right program you could jeopardize your teen getting the help he or she needs because of a time or money and resources. Please feel free to call for a free consultation on what type of program would best suit your child's needs.

"Programs found to be ineffective by themselves at reducing recidivism are increased surveillance, psychodynamic or unstructured counseling, home confinement, regular probation services, frequent drug testing, wilderness / survival programs, electronic monitoring, and boot camps."
National Mental Health Association

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Rugged natural enviroment where the teen can have health risk that can be dangerous or fatal. Very expensive ranging from $200-$500 a day. Very ineffective with long term change or results for teens who are struggling in their home, school, or community.